Fire Alarms

Fire Detection & Alarm System’s key function is to alert employees as well as external services to an unexpected and dangerous event, thus allowing correct and suitable action to be taken.

Ace FP offer a complete range of both conventional and analogue fire alarm systems together with their accessories, including a variety of detectors, bells, sounders, strobes and door retainers.

Fire alarm systems fall into two main categories…

  • Manual Fire Alarm Systems
  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems

A Manual Fire Alarm System consists of Break Glass units as well as Alarm Sounders connected to a control panel. These can only be activated and the alarm initialised, if they are triggered by an individual discovering a fire incident.

Automatic Fire Alarm Systems comprises of Smoke and Heat detectors, Break Glass units and Alarm Sounders connected to a control panel. Automatic systems unlike manual systems have the capability to raise the alarm regardless of the presence of people, this ability provides a useful early warning of a fire incident.

The design criteria for both fire alarm and detection systems are detailed in BS5839: Part 1: 2013, providing specific guidance on all aspects of fire alarm and detection from design, supply, installation, commissioning, test and routine maintenance.

System designs vary greatly and are dependent on…

  • The type of premises to be protected
  • The level of protection required

With all safety or business critical system, it is important that the finished installation is effectual and dependable.

At Ace FP we strongly recommend you refer to your Fire Risk Assessment which should detail the required system type and any local or Government legislation were you may have to be compliant.

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