Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers are important factors for the safety of your staff, and visitors to your premises. Most UK Insurers insist on extinguishers being installed and maintained business premises (maintained by a BAFE Approved Company) to lessen the risks of a small fire developing into something much bigger.

ACE FP portable fire extinguishers have the BSI Kitemark, and are suitable for most areas of risk.
To include… The Fabric of the Building to High Risk Applications.

Different types of Fire Extinguishers:

Water Extinguishers
Water is one of the most useful extinguishing mediums in fire protection. Water is discharged from the pressurised extinguisher to penetrate and cool Class A fires.

CO2 Extinguishers
Ace FP CO2’s use non-conductive anti-static horns as standard. CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for class E and class B fires and are widely acknowledged for their non-damaging highly effective performance and cleanliness.

Foam Fire Extinguishers
Foam Fire Extinguishers deliver a fast, powerful means of tackling class ‘A’ and class ‘B’; fires. Foam is very effective against flammable liquids, forming a seal over the fire preventing oxygen from fuelling the fire, which helps prevent re-ignition.

Powder Extinguishers
Powder is the most multipurpose extinguishing medium available. Powder can tackle class A, B & C fires.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers
Cooking oil fires are very challenging to extinguish due to their high auto-ignition temperature. Conventional fire extinguishers are unable to cool oil fires adequately and they may even cause a flash back, placing the user at risk. As a result a specially formulated wet chemical is applied to the burning liquid; this cools the oil and extinguishes the flames.

Stainless Steel Range
These are ideal for areas where hygiene is vital, and when making an allowance for interior design, such as highly polished surface finishes.

Extinguisher Stands
Extinguisher stands are great for most working environments, making your extinguishers very visible and easy to reach if required.

Fire Blankets
The ‘Pod’ Fire Blanket

  • Designed for long lasting service
  • No end caps to remove
  • Visually pleasing design, easy to keep clean
  • No: 2 sizes of container to house full range of blanket sizes.
  • Kitemark certified to BSEN 1869: 1997